David M. Celia is a composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and owner of F-Spot Records, a boutique vinyl record label. A lover and collector of vintage equipment, David uses an analog approach that has shaped much of his sound while adding and staying current with todays modern technologies and tools. As a composer he is know for his diversity in styles as heard on the BBC’s hit show Death In Paradise (BBC One) in which he co-creates its unique score alongside Magnus Fiennes. A score that brings murder-mystery, action adventure, comedy, drama, and island reggae undertones, all highlight David’s ability to adapt to what’s needed to advance the story on screen. Other composition credits include additional music for Hooten and the Lady (Sky) and the moving image artwork Yugen (SLOimage), along with serval luxury ad campaigns for Clé de Peau and independent documentaries Off The Floor and Calling My Children.


On the mixing and production side, David helped shape and mix the electronic driven score to Curfew (Sky) which accompanied his love for vintage synths and an analog sound. He has produced full length albums and vinyl 45’s from The Bombillas, The White Blinds, Lou Breed, and Abby and the Myth, which all utilized recording to tape and a hybrid analog/digital mixing setup. These credits can be heard in placements on HBO and Netflix in addition to have been played by various radio outlets around the globe including Southern California’s KCRWNPR, and BBC6.


David graduated from Berklee College of Music in which he was awarded the Robert Share Award for Excellence from the Berklee College of Music Film Scoring department. He is well versed in the writing and orchestration of contemporary classical music, jazz and world ensembles, the funk and soul sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, and a recent exploration into the world of modular synthesis - all creating a divers sonic landscape to help advance the power music has to tell a story.



Film, TV, and Digital Media:

Death In Paradise (TV BBC) - Seasons 6-10 - Co-Composer

Death In Paradise (TV BBC) - Seasons 4-5 - Additional Music

Curfew (TV Sky One) - Season 1 - Score Mixer / Additional Music

Yugen (SLOimage) - Additional Music

Hooten & the Lady (TV Mini Series: Sky One / CW) - Additional Music

360: Blue Collar Working Dog (Google Ad) - Composer

Moms (Parentally Ad) - Composer

Off the Floor: The Rise of Contemporary Pole Dance (Documentary) - Composer

Escaping Houdini (Short) - Composer

The Appointment (Short) - Composer

Calling My Children (Documentary) - Composer

Beyond the Window (Short) - Composer

Superhero (Short) - Composer

Albums and Recordings:

The Bombillas - 12" Vinyl LP - Composer / Producer / Mixing / Keyboards / Percussion

The White Blinds - Brown Bag b/w Muddy Water (45rpm) - Producer / Mixing

The Bombillas - Rewoana b/w Ya Maje - Writer / Producer / Mixing / Keys

The White Blinds - Sing A Simple Song b/w Klapp Back (45rpm) - Producer / Mixing

The White Blinds - Get To Steppin (LP) - Producer / Mixing

Abby and the Myth - Best Mistakes (Single) - Mixing / Drums

RIVVRS - More Than A Fool (Single) - Drums / Engineer

The Bombillas - Tortuga b/w Kings Up (45rpm) - Writer / Producer / Mixing / Drums / Keys / Percussion

Abby and the Myth - When You Dig A Well (LP) - Co-Producer / Co-Mixing / Drums

Marias - There’s a Peace Sign (Single) - Drums / Engineer

Lou Breed - Locus Of Control (LP) - Engineer / Co-Producer / Co-Mixing / Drums / Guitar / Keys / Cello

Kristen Cook - Move and Play Music (CD) - Drums

Beat Mosaic - Play A Fool b/w Shape of Your Love (45rpm) - Engineer / Mixing / Co-Producer / Drums

Domestic Bear - Universal Root b/w Topher Knights (45rpm) - Writer / Producer / Mixing / All Instruments

Improject - Ground Coffee b/w Steppin’ (45rpm) - Co-Writer / Engineer / Producer / Mixing / Drums

The Mason Affair - Eyes on Fire (CD) - Co-Engineer / Mixing / Drums / Keys

Electrofonic - Space Plants on my Mind (CD) - Co-Writer / Engineer / Producer / Mixing / Drums / Keys / Guitar

Placements and Licensing:

Trinkets (Netflix)

Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas (HBO)

Bad Girls Club (Oxygen)

Best Ink (Oxygen)

Freakshow (AMC)

Super Saver Showdown (OWN)

© 2020 by David M Celia

contact: dcelia (at) me.com