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Fascinated by all aspects of music creation, David Michael Celia is a composer and producer who values each project’s obstacles from concept to creation.


As a composer, David’s talent is best highlighted for his diversity of styles as heard on the BBC’s hit show Death In Paradise (BBC One), in which he co-creates its unique score alongside Magnus Fiennes. Having assisted Fiennes since season 4 (2014), David signed on as co-composer in 2017 for season 7 and continues to this day to create its unique score as the show enters its 13th season with an average UK viewership of 8 million per episode (in addition to playing in over 200 territories worldwide). Other composition credits include providing additional music (in addition to mixing the score) for the moving image artwork Yugen (SLOimage) in 2018 and additional music and orchestration for the action-adventure mini-series Hooten and the Lady (Sky) in 2017. Other select credits include composing the music for several ad campaigns for Clé De Peau (starring Felicity Jones) and Google. In 2015, David composed the original score and played all the instruments for the independent documentary Off The Floor.

On the mixing and production side, David mixed the eight-episode electronic-driven score to Curfew (Sky) in 2019, which accompanied his love for vintage synths and an analog sound. He has produced several full-length albums from The Bombillas, The White Blinds, Lou Breed, and Abby and the Myth, which have resulted in placements on HBO, Netflix, NBC, and ABC, in addition to being played by various radio outlets around the globe including Southern California’s KCRW, NPR, and BBC6


In addition to David's work in the studio, David has been the owner and operator of the boutique vinyl record label F-Spot Records since 2014. A label specializing in new releases influenced by soul music from around the world, mainly during the golden years of the 60s and 70s. It is a labor of love and has connected David to a strong community, including many top Los Angeles session musicians in the funk, soul, and jazz scenes.

As a composer, producer, mix engineer, and multi-instrumentalist, David enjoys the many skills required to deliver a unique and personal result. Growing up playing jazz and listening to old records, David is known for adding a distinct warmth to his sound through the use of an organic pallet and his passion for analog equipment. Though he takes influence from the past, David has always been one to stay current, incorporating many of today’s modern technologies and tools. Drawing from both old and new, David sets out to create a diverse sonic landscape that will help tell any story through the power of music.

After being raised in Hanover, NH, David graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2009, in which he was awarded the Robert Share Award for Excellence from the Berklee College of Music Film Scoring department. He now resides in Los Angeles with his wife and cat.

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